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French music monthly "Rock Magazine" gives "Lays" a positive review

In its June 2009 issue, Rock Magazine wrote: "The selected-lyrics book "Martin L. Gore: Lays" is not only a means of immersing oneself in the songwriter's tormented soul, but also of discovering -- perhaps for the first time -- his wit and sense of humor. The translator's work is effective and robust. Our only regret is the fact that Jugurtha Harchaoui didn't add commentaries or explanations to accompany the various lyrics." Folks, thanks for asking for even more material... Perhaps in a separate release...

Martin Gore 2009


"L'Express" Magazine, France's answer to "Time" Magazine, recommends "Martin L. Gore: Lays"!

L'Express, France's first weekly general-news magazine (est'd 1953; circulation 560,000), recommends our book "Martin L. Gore: Lays". We are damn proud to see our baby grow in the world like that.

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Canal +, France's hippest TV channel, heralds the recent bookstore release of "Martin L. Gore: Lays"

Watch the video here!


Canal Plus Logo

Regional newspaper rates "Martin L. Gore: Lays" as a must-own book.

On 24-Apr-09, L'Écho Républicain's Rémi Bonnet wrote: Jugurtha Harchaoui's intention was -- through this clever, elegantly-written book -- to address the discrepancy that has always existed between Depeche Mode's longstanding material and their mainstream perception as a throwaway band. Now that this book has come out we will have no excuse not to know that Martin Gore is a poet. It was about time we found out!

Echo Awards 2009


"Martin L. Gore: Lays" sits at the #1 spot among Amazon.fr's "music-related book" sales.

That pretty much says it all . . . When one looks across all categories, "Martin L. Gore: Lays" comes in at #150, which basically means that, in France, only 149 book titles are presently selling better. Entering the Top 100 of book sales would be such a meaningful, wonderful achievement. It's a poetry book for chrissakes.

Virgin Megastore on Champs Élysées Avenue



Laurence Pierre's radio show "Alternatives" on France Inter channel praises "Martin L. Gore: Lays"

Critic Philippe Thieyre says: "This beautiful book isn't about merchandising. I am not really a die-hard fan of DM, but this book strikes me as really cool. It's definitely not commercial. Even if you are not a DM fan, the book will entice you into browsing through it, and reading it. You can tell the author of this "Lays" book didn't do this for the money, or to piggyback off of the new album. It's much more about "Hey, I am going to give the most beautiful gift to Martin Gore, by presenting his body of work in a way capable of attracting even the non-fans." Valérie Corroler adds: "It is indeed very troubling to re-discover some of DM's classic songs through the 'book' medium. Even old hits such as 'Master And Servant' emerge here in a totally different light."

Depeche Mode 2009, by Carolyn Cole

Here's the RealMedia URL [our book's review starts at 1:15'47"]: radiofrance.fr



Le Figaro, the French nationwide daily paper (est'd 1826; circulation 350,000) highlights our book

On 10-Apr-09, Le Figaro's music chronicler Olivier Nuc wrote: "Simultaneously with the excellent new album 'Sounds Of The Universe', an anthology book revisiting Martin Gore's lyrics will see the light of day ('Lays', Éd. Normant)".

Depeche Mode 2009Depeche Mode 2009Depeche Mode 2009


Rolling Stone Magazine France salutes "Lays"

"For the non-fans, this book is a true discovery. Stripped of its sonic clothing, unaffected by any artifacts, Gore's lyrical strength comes to light here as dazzling thanks to less-is-more minimalism. The translation's literary quality is excellent." Alain Gouvrion – Rolling Stone France's "Books" section.

MLG Portrait 2009 by Mattia Zoppellaro

Excerpts in .PDF : http://www.laysbook.com/RollingStoneFrance_AVR2009.pdf [ please buy the physical magazine! ]


"Martin L. Gore: Lays" crosses the Atlantic: Jam! Showbiz puts out a story on our book

A Canadian journalist contacts Martin Gore to discuss the 13-Apr-09 release of "Lays" & all the buzz around it. Mr. Gore, in essence, says that he actually fears that there might still be a non-negligible chance the book's release might not happen after all. We are delighted to have that kind of suspense surrounding our item until the last minute . . . !

Link to Canada's Jam! Showbiz Books: jam.canoe.ca


Volume, France's answer to Britain's Mojo Magazine, mentions our book

Monthly magazine Volume (published by Les Inrockuptibles) devotes its cover and 8 pages to Depeche -- and of course underscores the imminent release of "Martin L. Gore : Lays" later this month.

"Lays" goes East! Nationwide daily notes its forthcoming release

Polish nationwide daily newspaper Dziennik [Poland's equivalent to Germany's Die Welt] dedicates an article to our book's imminent release.



Ultra-hip 6-times-a-year rock magazine VoxPop devotes half-a-dozen pages to Depeche Mode

"'Martin L. Gore: Lays' is one strange literary creature […] This collection, luxuriously illustrated by Klaus Voormann (the very artist who illustrated The Beatles’ Revolver LP sleeve), unveils a full-blown writer. From having focused too much of our attention into the rear-view mirror, haven’t we failed to recognize what's been right in front of us: Martin Lee Gore, aged 48, contemporary author?" ~ Jean-Vic Chapus

Depeche Mode circa February 2009 VoxPopMag #9


The article in .PDF : http://www.laysbook.com/VoxPopMagNo9.pdf [ please buy the physical magazine! ]

Q Magazine, the world's largest-circulation monthly rock-music publication, mentions our book

UK journalist Michael Odell asks Depeche Mode about 'Lays': "You're properly influential now. What was more gratifying: Johnny Cash covering Personal Jesus; Coldplay 'covering' your video of "Enjoy The Silence"; or Martin's lyrics being published in a fancy French hardcover book?" Both Martin's and Dave's answers are "Being covered by Johnny Cash, no doubt about that". To which we respond: Gentlemen, being beat by The Man In Black in person is an honor! Yes sirree!

From Q Magazine May 2009


"Martin L. Gore: Lays" -- A Journey Into The Heart of Depeche Mode's Words.

"As you read Depeche Mode's lyrics on paper, you realize that Uncle Martin's verses are not weakened. They blossom, and take on their full poetic dimension." ~ HitMuseMag

Martin Gore with Guitar


M-la-Music.com: After this book, we'll never listen to Depeche Mode quite the same way again

MLG 2005

"Shorn of their soundtrack, Gore's words resonate with strength. In their rawness, without their usual musical devices, these lyrics will get to be entirely re-discovered." ~ Jean-Marc Grosdemouge


M. L. Gore says: "The book looks good" [...] "Being translated in a foreign language is an honor"

Excerpt from a forthcoming interview to be soon published as part of VoxPop Magazine's Mar.-Apr. 2009 issue. Make sure you get your hands on a copy (VoxPop is a high-quality 6-times-a-year rock magazine). The issue will feature over half-a-dozen pages devoted to Depeche Mode!

MLG 2001


Rolling Stone Magazine France: A Depeche Book!

"DM fans will be spoiled in 2009. In addition to a humongous-scale world tour, a poetry book based on the mythical band's material will be released in mid-April. The release -- called "Martin L. Gore: Lays" -- conceived & designed, by Jugurtha Harchaoui, will contain almost 90 lyrics written by Martin Gore between 1981 and 2005. A soon-to-be object of cult, for sure."


Depeche Mode circa January 1990 © DR

"MLG: Lays" - The 'Mode' repertoire captured in a unique book

2009, we all know it already, will be a big year for Depeche Mode. In addition to a stadium-only world tour, a poetry book will get published based on the act's catalog. "Martin Gore: Lays"'s editor and designer will receive help from Beatles illustrator Klaus Voormann.




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